About us

Established in 1854, we are a family run micro-dairy on the South Coast, NSW. We manage all factors of farming ourselves, with a huge emphasis on quality and sustainability.

We use minimal processing with our small, and lovingly cared-for, herd to make a range of dairy products including our own award-winning milk and a range of delicious Gelato and cheeses!

Our products


We ensure the taste and structural integrity of our milk is as nature intended. Every step is done on farm – from milking our cows twice a day, using a slow speed pump to transfer the milk, batch pasteurising at lower temperatures and bottling by hand. We don’t Homogenise our Milk – meaning the cream still rises to the top.



Our gelato is produced fresh on farm each week using our milk as the main ingredient (70% fresh milk!!). This gives the gelato a lovely fresh creamy texture and smooth finish. We source the finest ingredients to create a range of tasteful classic and delicious contemporary flavours.


Our dream has always been to make traditional farmhouse cheese that reflects the terrior of our farm. For the past 2 years we have been working hard to implement the equipment and infrastructure to start manufacturing and maturing cheese. We are currently producing small quantities of fresh, soft and semi-hard cheese. Keep an eye out as our cheese production ramps up and develops this year.


We currently sell direct to the public through a range of Farmers’ Markets and Events.

At all our markets we sell our full range of products and are happy to arrange pre-orders or standing orders – just get in touch via email or phone to place an order for a specific market.

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