About Us

cowsThe Pines has been in the Grey family since 1854, when the 70 hectare dairy farm was first established in Kiama. Unable to continue competing in the commercial dairy industry, the current generation has expanded into new ventures, including the renovation of the original farm house for holiday lettings and new produce such as freshly made Gelato.

The Pines has been fully renovated and boasts a large, open plan kitchen, modern bathroom and ensuite, 3 large bedrooms (Master bedroom with Queen Bed, 2nd bedroom with queen bed and 3rd bedroom with 2 singles), large dining and living rooms, beautiful gardens, outdoor dining area and secure parking. The property has many original features including the heritage rock walls which are a popular attraction. To find out more about the accommodation, please go to our accommodation page.

The property is located on the still-working dairy farm on the edge of Saddleback Mountain. This provides for stunning views of the beaches along the Illawarra coast and across the countryside to Jamberoo. Tenants are also invited to take a tour of the farm and help hand feed the calves.

The local area has many attractions nearby including beaches, rock pools, wildlife, the Kiama blowhole, rainforests, bushwalks, markets, restaurants, terrace shops, pubs and much more. The beautiful country town of Berry is only a 20 minute drive.

As part of the recent renovations, The Pines is now an eco-friendly property running on Wind power and Solar hot water.

If you would like to book The Pines or check availability and rates please go to our Stayz page.

The Dairy

kel dairy bwThe Pines' herd is made up of Holsteins from mainly Canadian blood lines. The herd is milked twice a day producing 30 litres (on average) and containing 4% butter fat and 3.2% protein (average). Each year an average 5 to 6 cows are flushed for embryo transfer work. For more information on stock and embryos for sale, please contact us.

The Pines recently switched to using only organic fertilizer and materials on the pasture and the cows eat a balanced diet of grass, hay and grain to produce high quality and tasty milk. Our calves are hand raised in a custom-built calf shed with twice daily feeding to ensure healthy growth and development. This one-on-one rearing technique means the calves are well handled and develop into calm natured animals suitable for close handling.


History of the Grey Family

George Grey along with his older brother, William, wife, Isabella, and children came out to Australia from Fermanagh, Northern Ireland in 1841.
After arriving in Sydney NSW the family travelled down south and came to reside in Kiama.

In 1851 George Grey purchased land on Saddleback Mountain known as “Mount Salem” and further land in 1854. Amongst the land acquired was the homestead and home property known as “The Pines”.

George Grey established a dairy on the property and began farming with breeding cattle that would become the antecedents of the Illawarra Shorthorn Breed, helped established by his grandson of the same name.

George was strongly involved with the establishment of the Christ Church of England in Kiama (The white church near blow hole point). He also was involved in the development of Kiama’s Agricultural Society and the first Kiama Show in 1848. Kiama Show is still a yearly event and a descendent of George’s has been on the committee since the inauguration.

George died in 1887 leaving “The Pines” to his grandsons George Edward Archibald and Arthur William John. The bottom section of Saddleback still known as “Mount Salem” was left to his son, William Grey.

William Grey continued in the dairy industry. William was the first president of the Kiama Pioneer Butter Factory. A co-operative that was the first of its kind in Australia to use cream separators, and the first to ship butter to England, competing in a global market.

William’s son, Arthur William bought his brother’s share and his father’s property for 1,000 pounds and 1100 pounds respectively to solely own, at the turn of the century “The Pines”. Arthur William continued to farm dairy cattle on the property and showed an interest in horses.

Arthur William’s only son, Arthur Owen Grey worked with his father on “The Pines” showing a keen interest in the dairy production side of farming. After inheriting “The Pines” when his father died in 1945 Arthur Owen developed the dairy herd moving away from the Illawarra Shorthorn to Friesian cattle (the black and white cows, now known as Holsteins).

Arthur Owen’s eldest son, Garreth Owen “Garry”, was brought up with the stories of his families’ great farming traditions. Garry showed the same interest as his father did in establishing a strong production herd and worked along side his father until Arthur Owen died in 1994. Garry continued to improve the dairy herd by introducing Canadian genetics. Today Garry is continuing to strive for great quality cattle breeding.

Garry’s son Kel, along with his wife Mahlah, is currently developing The Pines Kiama. Holding onto their strong family ties to the land and farming history they are working together to create a sustainable farming future for themselves and the greater Kiama community.

Garry's children Kel and Cassandra now have young children of their own, making them the 7th generation to reside on the property, “The Pines”.