The last 12 months have been brutal in agriculture.

The past year has been challenging, and we use a few of our decisions as learning experiences. In December 2021, and amid Covid, we were finally able to open our retail space, The Pines Pantry. The Pantry serves as a direct retail outlet for our range of farm products, reducing transport costs, food miles and reliance on third-party distribution. It also allows us to showcase other farmers and producers in our region, telling their stories and lifting the profile of other small-scale producers. For us, this is important as we aim to create a thriving food scene in the Illawarra, building agritourism opportunities and creating a solid network of like-minded producers.

Male calves are seen as a ‘by-product’ of the dairy industry. By Cross-breeding a dual-purpose breed, dairy and beef traits, we have established a significant value-added stream to our offering. Our Steers play an essential role in our holistic grazing system and form part of a larger mob of dry cows and young stock that cell grazes the hilly pastures our dairy herd can’t access. This high-rotation holistic grazing pattern and our work to improve soil health provide the cows with a rich and varied diet.

We know that food grown in regenerative systems provides us with nutrient-dense, incredibly delicious produce. We are proud to include The Pines Regenerative Beef Range as part of our offering. By respectfully processing one animal a month, we aim to provide our community with access to a range of premium cuts and secondary cuts, as we believe all parts of our cows can serve a purpose in feeding and nourishing our local community.

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