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Regenerative Agriculture
at The Pines

‘The Pines’ is a Regenerative Farm in Kiama, on the South Coast of NSW. As 6th generation dairy farmers we embraced a need to transition from conventional farming and have adopted a range of Biodynamic, Organic and Holistic Management strategies.

Although we are small, we place a huge emphasis on regeneration and bringing our soil systems back into balance. We put the wellbeing of our animals and the land at the forefront of everything we do – our regenerative farming practices ensure that all parts of the ecosystem on farm are thriving.

Everything we make, including our delicious cheeses, artisan gelato and natural yoghurt is a pasture to plate experience that will tickle your tastebuds.

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We’ve brought the farm to you.

The Pines Regenerative Beef​

The Pines Regenerative Beef

We are excited to launch our latest product – Regenerative Beef.

Over the last 7 years we have been cross breeding our dairy herd with dual purpose animals – selectively creating a herd of cows that serve us well in both cheese making whilst also providing steers that grow out beautifully as beef cattle.

These cows have been raised organically – being milk fed then moving straight to chemical free pasture. They play an important role in our holistic grazing system and form part of a larger mob of dry cows and young stock that cell graze the hilly pastures that our dairy herd can’t access. These areas are rich in biodiverse plant species that the cows are free to forage before their daily move. This high rotation holistic grazing pattern and the work that we do to improve soil health provides the cows with a rich and varied diet.

We know that food grown in regenerative systems provide us with nutrient dense, incredibly delicious produce and we are proud to include The Pines Regenerative Beef Range as part of our offering. By respectfully processing one animal a month we hope to provide our community with access to the a range of premium cuts, sausage and mince – gradually introducing specialty options like organs, beef cheeks, tallow and bone broth as we believe all parts of our cows can serve a purpose in feeding and nourishing our local community.
Find it store on the 3rd Friday of the month or contact us for any requests.

Our Dairy

Dairying is in our blood and we know that milk is best the minute it comes out of the cow. All we do is handle the milk as gently as possible and try to preserve it in different ways.

We believe in minimal processing, leaving the taste and structural integrity of the milk to be the main star. Every step in done on farm with milk just minutes old – we pump directly across into our small factory straight after morning milking to start the days artisan production.

The Pines Dairy Products

Our Products

Illustrations, The Pines Dairy Products


Our dream has always been to make traditional farmhouse cheese that reflects our soil health and pasture biodiversity of our farm. For the past 5 years we have been learning, refining our methods and building the infrastructure to manufacture and mature cheese. We are currently producing small quantities of fresh, soft and hard cheese including our newly released ‘Three Daughters Cheddar’. Keep an eye out as our cheese production ramps up and develops this year.


Our Natural, Pot Set Yoghurt is a delicious traditional yoghurt made by simply adding natural cultures to our fresh milk. We pot set it in reusable glass jars which allows the cream layer to settle on top resulting in a decadent, silky and additive free yoghurt.


Our gelato is produced fresh on farm each week using our milk as the main ingredient (70% fresh milk!!). This gives the gelato a lovely fresh creamy texture and smooth finish. We source the finest ingredients to create a range of tasteful classic and delicious contemporary flavours.


We know that food grown in regenerative systems provides us with nutrient-dense, incredibly delicious produce. We are proud to include The Pines Regenerative Beef Range as part of our offering. By respectfully processing one animal a month, we aim to provide our community with access to a range of premium and secondary cuts, as we believe all parts of our cows can serve a purpose in feeding and nourishing our local community.

The Pines Award Winning Cheese
The Pines Gelatto
The Pines Chees
The Pines Kiama Logo

The Pines Pantry

We now have our own farm shop in Kiama!
The Pines Pantry is located at 26 Collins St, in the historic Terrace Houses in Kiama. Stocking our full range as well as complimentary products from other locals and regenerative small scale producers.

Real Reviews, from Real People

Thaïs Suzuki
Thaïs Suzuki
Read More
Best ice cream in the region, the range of flavours is interesting and the quality is amazing. Really recommend it!
Aron Lavings
Aron Lavings
Read More
Tasty ice cream, shop has a good vibe, nice spot to stop off when Traveling
Leom K
Leom K
Read More
Stopped in today. Really really nice gelato and an awesome unique display of local Aboriginal artworks. Friendly staff. Have also tried a few of the cuts of meat recently and it's the best I've had. Well worth it
Diego Alvarez
Diego Alvarez
Read More
We were blown away by the freshness and flavour of their homemade gelato.
Suzanne Schjolberg
Suzanne Schjolberg
Read More
The Pines Pantry is one of the best places to pick up fresh from the farm delicious cheeses, meats and gelato. We were blown away by the freshness and flavour of their homemade gelato. We always stopped there going and coming from the Illawarra. The best place to pick up fresh taste foods for a weekend get-a-way!

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